enter to learn. leave to serve.

Per Aspera Ad Astra

Mission Statement

Westridge High School strives to maximise every learner’s potential in order that they may serve society and experience personal fulfilment through the development of their unique talents and abilities.

The school also strives to maintain its record of proven academic excellence by promoting a sound work ethic; independence of mind, critical thinking skills and the confidence to confront challenges.

school Re-opening

School re-opens on 18 January 2022 for Grades 8 and 12. Grades 9,10 and 11 will return on 19 January 2022.


Our school is full for all grades in 2022. Please contact the MSED district office to assist in finding a place for your child in 2022.


Westridge High School is a co-educational school based in Westridge, Mitchell’s Plain. The school was established in 1976,  the first high school in Mitchell’s Plain.

Westridge is today acknowledged as one of the leading schools in the Mitchell’s Plain area, and enjoys a reputation built on the achievements of the past. Its learners have over the years distinguished themselves in all fields of endeavour.